Welcome to our Website!

Here's a link to Neocities, where you can make websites for free. This is the website: Neocities.

Here's what will be on our website:

To visit Luuk's blog, click here.

To visit Mats' blog, click here.

This website is our first, so don't expect the best website ever.

Somethings about us:

This website was created by Mats and Luuk. Mats and Luuk are two boys from Grotius College Delft. They are both interested in coding and computers, so when they got an assignment for technical studies in which they could make their own project, they made a website. This website is made for school, and they will get a grade for it.

Mats: Mats is some 14 year old boy, who really likes graphics cards and playing videogames. He likes football and FC Utrecht.

Luuk: Luuk is some 12 year old boy, who likes physics and math, and also plays videogames. He likes badminton and coding.

Technical Studies: Technical Studies is a subject at their school. In this subject, they need to make and create things. The assignments they get vary a lot, in some assignments you need to make things with wood, but in other assignments they need to do things on a computer. They also created a blog in Wordpress, and on their blogs they post about their assignments. They have made 6 assignments already, two of those are from this year, and this is their 7th assignment. They do TTO, which is a bilingual school program in which most of the subjects they have are in English, so they have Technical Studies in English.

Other things

To watch a tutorial that we made, click here. In this tutorial you can see how to make a website using Neocities, just like us!

This is an image of the Titan V graphics card, which we added because Mats is interested in graphics cards. Mats wants to have this video card, which is why we added this in.
Some specifications from the Titan V:
  • 5120 CUDA Cores
  • Nvidia Volta architecture
  • Bandwith: 652,8 GBs
  • 12 Gb HDM2 memory (Vram, which renders pixels)
  • Graphics Card


    Neocities: Neocities is a website that helps you build websites. We included a link at the start of our website. We learned about this website because a friend told us about. It is very useful, but it still lets you use HTML Coding, so you can make all kinds of websites.

    HTML Scripting: HTML is a way of coding that is used in websites. It is a relatively simple way of coding, and there are a lot of tutorials online so you can get started. We also used HTML in this website, and we recommend it.

    These are the scripting languages we actually wanted to learn at fist, but weren't able to, because we couldn't download programs at school.

  • LUA Scripting: LUA scripting is one of the main ways of scripting when talking about games. Java is used the most though, with more than 3 billion devices using it. LUA scripting is also used a lot, especially in small games, like mobile games.
  • JAVA Scripting: JAVA scripting is the main way of scripting in terms of games. More than 3 billion devices have JAVA, and it is required to play a lot of games like Minecraft. JAVA is made by Oracle, and it is easier to learn than LUA scripting.
  • Python Scripting: Python Scripting is a way of scripting, the founder of Python actually is a Dutch man called Guido van Rossum. We thought this would be nice to learn, because we didn't really know a lot about Python, but unfortunately, we couldn't use Python at school.
  • WordPress: Wordpress is a Content Management System or CMS. With Wordpress you can make your own blog for free. Mats and I also have blogs on wordpress, that you can see at the top of the website. It is very useful so we definitely recommend it.

    Hey, you've reached the end of our website! There isn't anything else past this point! Goodbye!